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Why not go with the best?

With Medac, we can assure you that you will always have the best of all worlds:

  • Integrity
  • Competitive fees
  • Substantial resources
  • Flexibility that comes with sole proprietor control
  • Superior performance
  • Total transparency


Online Reporting Demo

Medac clients have the power of easily accessing their data - anywhere, anytime.

We invite you to take this capability for a test drive.

Simply follow the instructions below to open up the Kam Technologies system and try it yourself.

User Name:   Medac
Password:   demo

Kam Technologies Software

Our proprietary Kam Technologies Physician Billing System is what truly separates us from the competition.


With the only transparent system in the industry, Medac clients can monitor and verify their revenue performance and have complete confidence in the integrity and accuracy of the reported results.